Located in Binh Phuoc Province, Vietnam, the Vietnam Overseas Chinese Industrial Park is invested and operated by Vietnam Mingkang Investment and Development Co., Ltd. The industrial park covers an area of 100 hectares and is allocated by the government. The park is located in the southeast of Vietnam, which is a key economic zone in the south. It has obvious geographical advantages and the government encourages investment The preferential policies of the United States are very attractive to the people, talents and materials that ensure investment. The park invested and operated by Vietnam Mingkang Investment and Development Co., Ltd. belongs to the permanent honorary president of the Chaozhou General Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. 1. The life tenet of “business-oriented and pro-business”, and the management approach of “hand in hand”.

Yueqiao Industrial Park is looking forward to your coming and meeting. While achieving common development, we hope that your career will be brilliant. This is our common wish!

Food and Beverage
Footwear, textiles and clothing
Books, magazines and newspapers
Electronic products

Investment methods

Under the new normal of economic development, investment in industrial parks is a “driver” for steady progress, a “diverter” for transformation and upgrading, and an “accelerator” for improving people’s livelihood. Continuously improving the method of attracting investment and innovating the mode of attracting investment are an effective way and an inevitable choice to improve the core competitiveness of investment promotion. Vietnam Mingkang Investment Co., Ltd. aims to provide entrepreneurs from all over the world with a cooperation platform for entrepreneurship, career development and brilliant life, and see which one is right for you.

On the basis of on-site inspection, you can choose the standard industrial plant that we have prepared for you. You only need to start the original work idea, and we will serve you the rest.

  • You can choose the suitable land we provide you on the basis of on-site inspection. You can build, construct, and follow-up supporting services for you according to the industrial design factory drawings required by your industry.
  • You can put forward your idea of ​​entering the park on the basis of on-site inspection, including the factory model, the production product market model, and the intention to cooperate with us. We will respect your intention and cooperate with you regarding the market situation. Negotiations for cooperation. Our cooperation methods are flexible, such as equity participation of 10% to 30% and or provide financing and be responsible for the sales of products produced by all factories.
  • You can put forward your views on the construction and operation of the park on the basis of on-site inspections. Under feasible conditions, we can cooperate in operation together.

On the basis of on-site inspections, you can carry out shareholding reforms with us on the products produced by your industry, and promote the products to the United States and other international markets.